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General Dentist

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Practicing good oral hygiene, along with regular checkups, is essential for maintaining good health. Your teeth and gums impact the health of the entire body. If you don’t take care of them, you can get sick more often and increase your risk for diseases. Things like cavities, gum disease, and tooth decay can cause incredible pain that makes it difficult to enjoy life, let alone your favorite foods. At Rockaway Beach Dental Group, we understand the importance of maintaining good oral health and provide general dentist care to help our patients live life fully. Taking simple steps like getting your teeth cleaned regularly, fixing cavities, and having regular dental examinations can prevent gum disease and additional dental health problems. Rockaway Beach Dental Group, along with our highly trained staff, provides preventative care and general dentistry services for patients of all ages. Whether a child getting their teeth cleaned for the first time, a patient suffering from tooth sensitivity, or someone needing a major dental procedure, the highly trained staff at Rockaway Beach Dental Group will provide excellent dental care.

Who Benefits From Our General Dentist Services
We work with patients throughout the 94044 area to provide ongoing and preventative oral health care. Rockaway Beach Dental Group is an expert at treating patients of all ages and focuses on ensuring that they are comfortable during every procedure. The staff at Rockaway Beach Dental Group is highly trained, and works with Rockaway Beach Dental Group to keep our patients teeth and gums in good health. By focusing on preventative care, we can help our patients live a full life. After all, a major tooth infection can create oral pain and make it difficult to enjoy even the most basic of normal activities like eating your favorite piece of pie or playing a game of softball. If you don’t currently have a general dentist, call (650) 355-3126 to schedule an appointment and experience how our general dentist services can keep you and your family in good oral health.

Painless General Dentist
Rockaway Beach Dental Group believes in the importance of a painless general dentist. Understanding that millions of adults suffer from some form of dental anxiety, Rockaway Beach Dental Group looks for ways to treat patients without causing any oral pain. Whether you have anxiety that needs to be addressed or are worried about feeling uncomfortable, the team at Rockaway Beach Dental Group is trained on how to keep patients comfortable no matter what type of dental procedure is being performed. This has earned us a reputation with patients throughout Pacifica as a dental office that can be trusted for providing high-quality and pain-free oral health care.



What is General Dentist?
Many people are unsure about the services that a general dentist provides. While the term “general” is often used to describe people that provide only the basics, the same cannot be said about our dental office. Rockaway Beach Dental Group and staff provide a wide variety of services for patients throughout the 94044 area. We start with preventative care and through education, teeth cleanings, and dental exams, work to keep our patients’ teeth and gums healthy and in good condition. This is important because, without preventative health care and regular teeth cleanings, infections can develop and spread and eventually create bone loss in both the teeth and jawbone which can lead to teeth falling out. With the majority of adults suffering from some form of tooth loss, preventative health care is not an option but a necessity.

Additionally, Rockaway Beach Dental Group focuses on restorative general dentistry so that when a patient injures their tooth it can be corrected in a way that appears completely natural and makes it possible to eat, speak, and behave normally. This is incredibly important for the millions of adults that injure their teeth every year while playing sports, getting into a car wreck, or injuring their teeth at work. By focusing on restorations, Rockaway Beach Dental Group and the staff at Rockaway Beach Dental Group make it possible for patients throughout the Pacifica  area to keep their natural teeth for as long as possible.

If a patient loses their tooth, Rockaway Beach Dental Group can also replace it using a variety of modern dental procedures. Gone are the days where a lost tooth could not be replaced. Now there are multiple options for doing so and we can accommodate a variety of patient requests in our general dentist office. This makes it possible for adults of all ages to maintain the functionality that can only come from having a full set of teeth.

To learn more about what options are available for restoring or replacing your teeth, call (650) 355-3126 to schedule your appointment. Rockaway Beach Dental Group will conduct a thorough exam and make recommendations for what can be done to restore the full functionality and appearance of your smile. Patients throughout CA trust Rockaway Beach Dental Group to take care of all of their general dentist needs because of our commitment to excellence and dedication to our patients.

Rockaway Beach Dental Group is an expert at general dentistry and if there are any additional procedures that need to be performed outside of our offices expertise, we will refer you to an oral surgeon or other provider that we collaborate with on a regular basis. Our goal is to keep our patients in the best possible health so that when their health requires collaboration with other Pacifica health care providers, we will bring them into the conversation. For the most part, any type of dental care that you need can be completed in our local office and patients from throughout California visit our office because they know we can keep their teeth and gums healthy.

Beautiful Smiles
If you are located in the 94044 area should visit Rockaway Beach Dental Group to discuss the goals you have for your smile. Rockaway Beach Dental Group works with patients to create a beautiful smile that they can be proud of. Our general dentist office has the solutions patients’ need for transforming their smile into something that is straight, bright, white, and beautiful. Regardless of why you don’t like your smile, Rockaway Beach Dental Group can help by fixing any cosmetic or health issues while creating something beautiful and natural. To learn more, call (650) 355-3126 to schedule an appointment.